Booklist Reviews On the Way to Birdland

There’s nothing that makes an author more anxious than waiting on pre-pub reviews to come in from the heavy hitters of the review world. They can go any which way, from a complete and utter demolishing of your hard-earned writing career to a surprise starred review that could effectively launch your book into the stratosphere. I have three books in publication as we speak, and I’ve avoided the nightmare scenarios up to this point…but this last go-round has been, shall we say, interesting? This is mostly because I started earlier than ever trying to get ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND out there and on people’s minds before it is released on June 8. It has made the wait time for pre-pub reviews somewhat excruciating.

Well, the good news is a ship has finally come in. It comes from one of the most respected industry review sites on the planet: ALA BOOKLIST. A full review is available on their site at this link (if you have a membership), but a key snippet of the review can be seen in the graphic on this page…and on the front cover of my soon-to-be-released novel. I hope you’ll have a chance to order a copy for your summer reading enjoyment. It is available for purchase at AMAZON, BOOKSHOP, BARNES & NOBLE, and just about anywhere books are sold. You could also request a signed copy if you order from indie bookstore SUNRISE BOOKS here in my beautiful hometown of High Point, NC.

Happy reading, y’all!

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