Case File: Something’s Cooking Under Where? by Frank Morelli

Please enjoy this satirical perspective on the traditional private detective story…in flash fiction form. Special thanks to Literally Stories for providing the space to showcase my work!

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Case File: Something’s Cooking Under Where?

6:58 PM: Dames play games with my head. They drive me to extremes. Run me off to sit in parking lots where the glow of the streetlamps glaze the top of my smoke rings in honey. Some dames disappear in the middle of the night. After twenty years. All because I was born to fight crime. All because I missed a few dinners, an anniversary or two, while out mopping vermin off the streets. Then she gets remarried, moves on with her life like I’m some speck of shit on the toilet rim that never spiraled down. I can only counter with three hundred sixty five canned chili dinners and a new leather duster. And now I’m about to attend my second class in an introduction to cooking course at the community college. I never dreamed there’d be a first, but canned chili only…

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REVIEW: Maura Way’s Another Bungalow (Press 53)

I've never been much of a poet, so I spend the vast majority of my time reading fiction. Don’t get me wrong. I love poetry. When done well, it provides us with an other-worldly form of communication. It channels human complexity through the lens of simplicity. But, for me, there’s just a level of comfort … Continue reading REVIEW: Maura Way’s Another Bungalow (Press 53)