Selected Writing


“A Colossal Mistake” (The Saturday Evening Post)

“The Eighteenth Floor” (Change Seven Magazine)

“Raindrop” (Listen to a reading by C.B. Droege at Manawaker Studios)

“These are the Times” (Cobalt) *semifinalist, Earl Weaver Prize (2017)*

“In the Pen” (Cobalt) *semifinalist, Earl Weaver Prize (2015)*

“Hey Zeus, Can You See?” (Jersey Devil Press)

“Supernova” (Rind)

“Just a Dog” (Flash Fiction Magazine)

“Ballad” (Potluck Magazine)

“All the Worthless Crap” (Misfits Miscellany)

“The Way Things Were” (Storgy Magazine & Pennyshorts)

11th Annual NYC Midnight Short Story Contest – finalist


“Summer School” (Philadelphia Stories)

“People Rocking Out in Cars” (Indiana Voice Journal & Scarlet Leaf Review)

“Untitled” (Change Seven Magazine)

“The Paperboy Incident” (Lowestoft Chronicle & forthcoming February 2018 Story Shack)


“Changing-up Your Pitching” (Highlights For Children Magazine, available on Epic!)  *winner of an AEP Distinguished Achievement Award (2008)* Listen to an excerpt.

“Reasons for Being” (Youth Imagination Magazine)

“My Butterfly” (Messages from Heaven)

“Rink of Dreams” (Hooked on Hockey)

“A Pact” (The Gift of Christmas)

“The Best Days of Your Life” (Tough Times For Teens)


Weekend Warriors (2017): An inept film crew is on location to capture the journey of a washed-up ballplayer as he tries to preserve his dignity and lead his team to a beer league title. It’s Major League meets Best in Show.

The Advent Calendar (in progress):  A petty crook fattens his Christmas bankroll when he heists a ritzy antique store, but the mystical forces of a strange calendar compel him to do what he’s never been able to do before: give.

Moon Out Tonight (in progress): A Doo Wop geek takes his wife on a weekend getaway to Wildwood, NJ where he finds himself mysteriously trapped in the 50s and has to decide between the neon streets and the path back home.