Tired of Winning? by Frank Morelli                                                                               

Special thanks to Sheryl Monks for giving me a place to unload all my sports baggage. Enjoy my first column.

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A collection of personal essays, Peanuts & Crackerjacks pays tribute to life’s most undervalued and effective instructor: the world of sports.

On the evening of June 11, 2017 just a few minutes shy of midnight, with a bowl of stale pretzel fragments on my lap and an empty can of Pabst Light on the coffee table, I came as close as I’ve ever come to throwing it all away. Forever. I swear I was a hair’s-width away from ending it and never coming back.

In that single moment, I had reached the limits of my tolerance for tyranny, barbarity, and ruthlessness. The stench of double standard plucked at my nose hairs and raised a misty film over my eyes. But mostly there was envy. Born from the fatigue of watching my enemy win and then win again, the treacherous, green villain crouched down on my chest and hung there, suffocating…

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100-Word Story Challenge

The Challenge: Write a 100-word story that must contain the words “orange,” “beard,” “empty,” “dreamt,” and “suit.” The rules: You must use all of the words. You must attempt to make one of those words into a motif or symbol in your story. Your character should be like a bad poker player in that his … Continue reading 100-Word Story Challenge