Virtual Book Talks & Teacher Resources

87946070_805047163305018_3188737742372601856_nDear Readers and Educators,

With our lives coming to a crashing halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a significant portion of the population on complete lockdown, I thought I’d combine some of my skills to help teachers in need. After all, I’m a teacher myself and I know the strain and the anxiety of having to reinvent your curriculum at the drop of a hat so it translates seamlessly onto the internet. No small feat.

Once I started planning for my own classes, it became clear to me that educational content will be at a premium for as long as this pandemic plays out and we’re confined to online spaces. So, I started a YouTube channel and added a Covid-19 Teachers Resources page here on my author site to help ease the strain. Anything I create that I think will be universally beneficial to middle school and high school teachers anywhere in the world will be linked to this page, with all videos streaming directly from my YouTube channel. Feel free to use any of this content as you wish.

Check back often for updates! In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy.


–Frank Morelli, author of the young adult novel, No Sad Songs, and the middle grade ‘Please Return To’ series starring Norbert M. Finkelstein and Toby Solano.


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