Get the Entire ‘Please Return To’ Series for Free (TODAY ONLY)

If you’re a fan of middle grade books or you have a middle grade reader in your midst, the PLEASE RETURN TO series is a fun, humorous, heartfelt romp that combines the pure joy of a diary novel with the hard-hitting action of sports fiction. Norbert M. Finkelstein is your average middle school teacher with not too much going right for him in his life. That is, until he takes on a new identity as one of the Mapleton Wrestling Federation’s hottest new stars. What will happen if his students find out there’s more to him than teaching grammar? What will happen when they learn he’s been bouncing off the turnbuckles as the “Mort-tician”?

Starting TUESDAY (1/31) and lasting throughout the week, you can scoop up both books in the series for FREE! Yes, that’s right. FREE. Follow this link to the series page and snag your Kindle copies for literally nothing. I hope you’ll consider diving into a new middle grade series, and that you’ll leave your honest review on Amazon for others to find. Happy reading!

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