Happy New Year and Another Thank You

There’s no way to dance around it. The year 2021 wasn’t the greatest one this planet has ever lived through. Let’s just say it had its ups and downs and move on our way. But before we do, I want to wish all of you good tidings in the New Year and blessings to all the people for whom you care. I also want to thank you one more time for salvaging the year for me by continuing to read my work, for telling others about it, requesting my novels at local bookstores, asking for signed copies, leaving reviews, and offering support in the million and one ways you’d never expect you’d need it when you venture into the life of a writer.

A final highlight that I choose to remember as my lingering image of the year 2021? ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND was number three on the list of annual best sellers (see pic) at my very favorite local independent bookstore, Sunrise Books. It was the top fiction book sold at the store in 2021 and sold more copies than Amanda Gorman, John Grisham, Emily Henry, and Matt Haig. I know it’s one store, and I know it’s the one only a few miles from my house…but isn’t that what independent art is all about? Isn’t sitting down to craft a story at my kitchen table in High Point, North Carolina an act meant to be eventually enjoyed by the people of High Point, North Carolina first and foremost? I love it, and I think it presents a unique and refreshing perspective as we move into 2022: Do the small things well. Do them often and do them with all of the love in your heart. Do them for the people right in front of you. Do them because they bring joy to the world and, therefore, are the exact types of things you were always meant to do.

Happy reading in 2022, y’all! There’s much more to come…

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