Recent 5 Star Reviews for On the Way to Birdland

I want to thank all of the wonderful folks in blogger land for scooping up copies of my latest young adult novel, ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND, and for leaving some of the most thorough and illuminating reviews I ever could have asked for. The reviews listed below are by no means an exhaustive list, but simply some highlights from my novel’s first few months out in the world.

In case you haven’t heard anything about my novel, ON THE WAY THE WAY TO BIRDLAND follows 16-year-old, self-proclaimed philosopher and jazz aficionado, Cordell Wheaton, on an Odyssey-like journey up the East Coast in search of his missing brother Travis, an ex-saxophonist whose life has fallen apart due to addiction. Cordy leans on the spiritual lessons he’s learned from studying his hometown hero, jazz legend John Coltrane, who happens to also be the glue that creates the bond between Cordy and his brother. Throughout his journey, Cordy is haunted by strange visions and violent nightmares, causing him to wonder if the trauma he is facing comes in the voices of the fates calling down to him from the beyond, or if he’s simply losing his mind. The only way he’ll ever know for sure is if he can complete his journey successfully and reunite his brother with the rest of his family in small town North Carolina.

Check out some of the early reviews of ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND on Goodreads from book bloggers around the globe!

A 5-star Review From THAT BOOKMOM:

A 5-star Review From DREAMING IN PAGES:

A 5-star Review From THE BOOKISH HERMIT:

A 5-star Review From BOOKWORM FOR KIDS:

I hope you’ll have a chance to purchase a copy of ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND from your favorite local bookstore, or online wherever books are sold. Happy reading, y’all!

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