Upcoming Panel: Birds in Literature and in Life

I’m thrilled to announce an event that excites me to the core, due to the fact that I’m hopelessly obsessed with birds and books. On July 15 at 8pm ET, I will be hosting a panel discussion on Instagram Live with talented authors Adrienne Kisner (Dear Rachel Maddow, The Confusion of Laurel Graham) and Steph Post (Holding Smoke, Miraculum) and the owner of independent bookstore Sunrise Books, Angel Schroeder. All four of us are obviously book people, but underneath that layer of our lives lies a true love with the world of birds. We watch them in our own backyards, we seek them out in the wild, we read about them, and we write about them time and time again.

Our discussion will be focused on the joys of birding, the enduring tradition of bird imagery and symbolism in literature, and the important roles our feathered friends play in our daily lives and in our mental health. We’ll also be talking about our books and maybe even giving a few of them away to some lucky viewers.

I hope you will join us on my Instagram page @FRANKMORELLIAUTHOR at 8pm ET on Thursday, July 15 for BIRDS IN LITERATURE AND IN LIFE. Happy reading, y’all!

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