Enjoy One More 5 Star Review of On the Way to Birdland

We’re only a few weeks away from the release of my latest young adult novel, On the Way to Birdland (6/8), and reviews are starting to roll in from readers who snapped up an ARC over the past few months. I will be highlighting some of my favorites on this blog between now and the release date.

One of my favorite reviews I’ve seen so far came from reviewer Vincent Dublado of Readers’ Favorite. The complete review follows below. Enjoy!

Reviewed By Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite

Cordell Wheaton lives his sixteen-year-old life in High Point, North Carolina, home of jazz musician John T. Coltrane, whose words and music compose the magical symphony of guidance. Wrapped in a world of bullying, without the Trane and his brother’s role modeling, Cordy wouldn’t recognize the great out there as anything other than being the victim. When he learns that his father is dying from lung cancer, Cordy is determined to locate his wayward brother, Travis, and bring him home to reunite with his family. Travis has “followed the sound” of his hero’s saxophone genius that directs Cordy to do the same. As his travels to the Trane’s residence in Philadelphia progress, he meets and is motivated by the lessons of a plethora of characters that eventually lead him to his final stop along the way.

On the Way to Birdland by Frank Morelli is a delightful mixture of Forrest Gump and The Wizard of Oz. Probably the most entertaining and heart-tugging story I’ve read in a long while, the character of Cordell Wheaton will haunt the reader’s thoughts for days after the final page is turned. Throughout his journey, Cordy references the many accomplishments of the great musician he reveres while proving himself to be a philosophical mentor. Picturesque detail and believable dialogue move the story convincingly in this magical tale of self-discovery as the main character undergoes a unique rite of passage. Various themes and plot points make On the way to Birdland a valuable addition to any young adult library. I loved this story!

ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND is available for pre order wherever books are sold. Signed copies can be pre ordered through Sunrise Books in High Point at this link.

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