NYT Bestselling Author Joelle Charbonneau Praises On the Way to Birdland

Joelle Charbonneau is a master of YA literature and a New York Times best seller, so I felt like I was living in a dream when she told me she’d love to read an advance copy of my upcoming release, ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND. I want to thank her for circling back to me after having read the story with the kindest words I ever could have dreamed up. In fact, I think she captured the essence of my protagonist, Cordy Wheaton’s, journey in just one sentence…like I said, master of YA literature.

I hope you’ll pick up a copies of Joelle’s latest young adult novels, VERIFY and DISCLOSE, which are the first two books in what is a truly magnificent book series.

And I hope you’ll pre order a copy of ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND from your local indie bookstore through the wonders of BOOKSHOP.

CLICK HERE for more information and to add my upcoming release to your Goodreads TBR.

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