Author Valerie Nieman Praises On the Way to Birdland

Valerie Nieman is a fellow Old Stater and a celebrated novelist whose work spans the writing gamut from kidlit on up to adult literature. She has won an Eric Hoffer Award, was a Pushcart Prize finalist, was a runner-up for the Brockman-Campbell Book Prize, and was a NC Arts Council Poetry Fellow. Her work is authentic, eclectic, real, and innovative, and I fully expect that some day soon she’ll be rightfully recognized as one of the leading voices in our current literary world. That’s why I was floored by the kind words she shared with me (at left) after reading an ARC of my upcoming young adult novel, ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND.

I hope you’ll pick up copies of Valerie’s latest novels, TO THE BONES and BACKWATER (YA from Fitzroy Books/2022).

And I hope you’ll pre order a copy of ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND from your local indie bookstore through the wonders of BOOKSHOP.

CLICK HERE for more information and to add my upcoming release to your Goodreads TBR.

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