Remembering That Time When Marlee Matlin Read No Sad Songs!!

44235418_489754398167631_5503491438630928384_nToday marks three years since my debut young adult novel, NO SAD SONGS, first hit shelves. It has been a wild and satisfying writing journey since then, which reminds me of one of the wildest, most out-of-the-blue moments I’ve enjoyed since my first books came into the world.

First, I have to give another massive shout out to my good friend, Birdie Thompson, who happens to be one of the most talented photographers in the Los Angeles area. Check out her portfolio of amazing shots @ Bird’s Eye Photography. One of the coolest things about Birdie’s life is that her job places her on the red carpet at hundreds of celebrity events and she gets a chance to meet some of her heroes in the course of a normal day.

Right around publication time, she had a chance to meet one of MY heroes, Ms. Marlee Matlin, who continues to be the only hearing impaired actress to ever win an Academy Award. Not only is Marlee Matlin a gifted actress, but she’s just an all around great person who continues to improve the lives of everyone who comes in contact with her.

Up until a few years ago, I’d watched her movies and followed her career without her ever knowing I existed. Those times changed, my friends…and I owe it all to Ms. Birdie Thompson, photography extraordinaire and selfless person of the year, for introducing Ms. Matlin to my debut novel, NO SAD SONGS…and for getting the whole exchange on video so I can relive it from my bunker here on the East Coast. Enjoy it one more time:

*note: this video does not in any way connote endorsement

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