Attn Blog Reviewers: On the Way to Birdland ARCs Are Still Available!

I just announced a May 4, 2021 release date for my latest YA coming-of-age novel. It’s a book that had me super excited even before I transformed into a musical Odyssey that blows my own mind. Thanks to jazz legend and my hometown hero, John Coltrane, for the assist. Check out the amazing cover for ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND, dreamed up by brilliant Bailey Designs Books after she blazed a trail through her advance copy of the book.

If you’re a blogger or book reviewer and want to receive your own reader copy of my upcoming novel, feel free to contact me at frankmorelliwrites AT GMAIL DOT COM or leave a comment on this post and I’ll contact you directly. Don’t be shy!

Brenda Rufener, YA author of Since We Last Spoke and Where I Live, said, “With balance, beats, and rhythm, this heartfelt coming-of-age story is bridged together like a Coltrane riff under Frank Morelli’s skillful hand. ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND and its cast of diverse, fully fleshed-out characters are now included among My Favorite Things.” 

I’d love to have you sample this exciting new novel that delves into issues related to addiction, PTSD, ancient philosophy, mythology, and lots and lots of music. A quick summary is below:

In ON THE WAY TO BIRDLAND (YA Con), self-proclaimed teenage philosopher, Cordell Wheaton, lives in a sleepy, southern town where nothing ever happens; not since his hero, jazz musician John Coltrane, left some seventy years earlier to “follow the sound.” Cordy’s life has been unraveling since the night his father and his brother, Travis, exploded on each other. The night Travis’s addiction transformed him from budding musician into something entirely different. The night Travis took his saxophone and disappeared.

When Cordy’s father falls ill, the sixteen-year-old vows to reunite the Wheaton family. He embarks on a modern-day odyssey with forty bucks in his pocket and a dream to find his brother and convince him to be Travis again—by taking him to a show at Birdland Jazz Club in New York City, and reminding him of the common bonds they share with their legendary hero. 

Cordy’s journey is soon haunted by ghostly visions, traumatic dreams, and disembodied voices that echo through his mind. He starts to wonder if the voices are those of the fates, guiding him toward his destiny—or if he’s losing his grip on reality. 

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