Geeking Out w/ Author Michael Hilton

Last week I had the distinct honor to be interviewed by the talented Michael Hilton, author of the middle grade smash hit novel BOBBY ROBOT, for his brand-new blog feature, The Weekly Geek. In a word, the experience was AWESOME. I had so much fun I decided Michael deserved a geeky feature dedicated solely to him…so here goes.

Author, Michael Hilton

If you don’t know him, Michael Hilton is a time traveler from the future who’s come back to warn us of the impending literary apocalypse. An avid reader of Young Adult science fiction and fantasy, he writes to stave off the coming wasteland of soulless fiction. One day his Wikipedia page will describe his warnings as “mildly prophetic” and “wildly exaggerated.” He’s the author of the Bobby Robot series, content creator for Star Wars community, and publisher of The Weekly Geek. He lives on Earth but is thinking about moving soon.

So, Michael, why don’t you tell us about all the fun stuff you’ve been geeking out over recently.

  • Movie I’m Watching: Tenet. NO SPOILERS. I had the chance to attend a small, socially-distanced viewing of Christopher Nolan’s newest brain melting film. Twenty-four hours later and I’m still trying to figure it all out. If you have a safe way to see this, I highly recommend it. Now I have to wait another 3-4 years for his next movie.
  • Show I’m Watching: The Umbrella Academy. Kinda late to the party on this one, and I’m only part way through season one, but I’m struck by how it combines an intriguing plot with immersive characters. It’s not particularly dark or cynical either, which I find refreshing. Plus the soundtrack has some real bangers.
  • What I’m reading: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, translated by Gregory Hays. I’ve been taking a deep dive into stoic philosophy, and this is required reading by one of the greats. Comprising Marcus’s personal reflections on spiritual and ethical living, Meditations offers profound advice for maintaining a virtuous life through both adversity and success.
  • Artist I’m listening to: Kozoro. The magical longing he infuses into his music is perfect for working, writing, or just daydreaming. “In Your Eyes,” “A Spring Without You,” and “Sugar”  are especially worth checking out. This is my favorite type of electronic music, and I’d love to get similar recommendations.

What else are you up to?

  • Popular Instagram post: Editing the sequel to Bobby Robot. For those not familiar with the original: Bobby is the only human on a robot-inhabited planet and believes he’s the last in a line of experiments to restart the human race. As he repeatedly fails to live up to the bots’ standards of perfection, he begins to wonder if his species is even worth reviving. That is, until a human girl crash lands on his planet and makes him question everything the bots have told him, including what it means to be human.
  • Anthology I’m contributing to: Hypothesis Productions’ YA sci fi/fantasy anthology. I’m really excited about this. The anthology will feature my short story Swap alongside other pieces by incredibly talented authors. If you’re at all interested in amazing science fiction or fantasy, please follow Hypothesis Productions for updates on this awesome project and to be a part of its launch.
  • Website I write for: Explore the Star Wars Expanded Universe with in-depth articles, best-of lists, podcasts, and video content with the friendliest Star Wars community in the galaxy. (By the way, I’m low-key campaigning to write a Star Wars novel some day, so if you ever decide to @ Disney on my behalf, I’ll be forever grateful).

Thanks for joining us today, Mr. Hilton. We all look forward to reading your next book…and the ones to come after that. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and pick up a flaming hot copy of BOBBY ROBOT. You won’t be sorry you did!

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