Regal House/Fitzroy Books Signs Deal w/ Author Frank Morelli

87946070_805047163305018_3188737742372601856_nI’ve been holding onto this news for quite some time, but I’m excited to announce I’ve signed on to publish a new middle grade title with Regal House & Fitzroy Books right here in my home state of North Carolina.

The book is titled BREAKING NEWS, and it will be released in the spring of 2022. It’s the story of three middle school students who find themselves at the center of a fundraising scandal at their alma mater and each use their power and influence within the student body to both report on and shield readers from the truth behind the incident.

It was a fun story to write because it’s told from three different points of view that alternate through the book in the form of primary documents. I wanted to create an effect that forced middle school readers to think critically about the information they take in through various sources and to be able to uncover truth in an age when truth and reality are at a premium. I can’t wait to work with editor-in-chief, Jaynie Royal, and to get this book out into the world for y’all to read and enjoy.

Here’s a link to my author page on the Regal House site:

I can’t wait to share more information with y’all in the near future, and to follow up with another exciting book announcement in the next few weeks. Cheers!


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