Frank Morelli Featured on Charlotte Readers Podcast Covid 19 Read-in

Untitled presentationDuring these difficult times, the Charlotte Readers Podcast author community has come together to offer some free readings for your enjoyment. Host Landis Wade needs to be commended for giving all 100 of his past guests an opportunity to speak to the nation, and to share their work in an effort to raise people’s spirits in a time of need. There are over a dozen episodes of the Read-in already circulating. You should definitely give them a listen, but please start with Episode 14…because I’m a featured guest and I read an essay that is extremely personal and heart-wrenching. You won’t regret it. I promise.

In Episode 14 you will hear the following readings:

Alice Osborn, sings her ballad, “The Snow Won’t Ever Melt”

Frank Morelli reads his essay, “Requiem”


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