Toby Solano = Perfect Summer Read for Middle Grade Readers

TobySolanoFrontCoverYep. I had the unfortunate opportunity to launch a book during the height of Coronavirus lockdown and, well, it’s two months later and I’m still not sure people out there in the world know my book exists.

So, I’m dropping this link here so you can find out more about the second novel in my middle grade book series, Please Return To: Toby Solano.

Who knows? You may even find that you want to buy both books in the series and start from the beginning. What I CAN tell you is this book series is the perfect summer reading adventure for the reluctant middle grade reader in your life. Filled with zany wrestling identities, a small-town mystery, tons of humor, and a bunch of illustrations that will make you laugh out loud, you really can’t go wrong.

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