New Middle Grade Release – Please Return To: Toby Solano

TobySolanoFrontCoverIt has been strange attempting to release a new book in the throes of a world pandemic, but somehow we did it. I’m pleased to announce my latest middle grade novel is out in the world doing its thing, thanks to hard work on the part of my editor Jana Grissom at INtense Publications. PLEASE RETURN TO: TOBY SOLANO is the second book in the ‘Please Return To’ series which began in September 2019 with PLEASE RETURN TO: NORBERT M. FINKELSTEIN. The whole series grows out of a lost journal, which gets passed around from various narrators (and eventually the reader) in each book.

This new book was a blast to write. Mostly because it was fun to walk in the wrestling boots of one Toby Solano: Lucha Libre connoisseur; reformed bully; and new kid in town. He proved to be a worthy observer of his English teacher’s secret wrestling life and of what it takes to rise to the top in a super-cheesy and very local wrestling federation.Pic23_TobySolano

The new installment in the ‘Please Return To’ series is loaded downs with hilarious illustrations, zany wrestling identities, a few cute love stories, and loads of adventure. I hope you’ll snag a copy at any of the buy links listed below:

Buy Links




TOBY SOLANO direct through INtense Publications (including universal e-book)

SIGNED COPIES OF TOBY SOLANO – (through Sunrise Books; note your request in the comments field of the online order form)

Please Return To: Toby Solano – Virtual Book Talk


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