Author Mary Ann Drummond Praises ‘Please Return To: Toby Solano’

MaryAnnDBlurbMary Ann Drummond is a registered nurse, a dementia educator, a speaker, and the author of many titles including Meet Me Where I Am – An Alzheimer’s Care Guide and Grandma and Me, a beautifully-illustrated picture book that provides children with the tools to continue their relationships with their loved ones after being affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia. She is also one of over 200 AlzAuthors worldwide using their literary talents and their combined experiences to provide valuable resources to Alzheimer’s caregivers currently in the battle.

I was so thankful to receive Mary Ann Drummond’s kind words after her reading of PLEASE RETURN TO: TOBY SOLANO (Book 2 in the ‘Please Return To’ series for middle grade readers). You can order a copy online from your local independent bookstore .

**If you’re interested in purchasing a signed copy of PLEASE RETURN TO: TOBY SOLANO, you can order here through SUNRISE BOOKS. Be sure to include the words ‘SIGNED COPY’ in the “notes” section of your order in addition to any specific inscription directions you may have.**

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