Author and Host Landis Wade Praises ‘Please Return To: Toby Solano’

LandisBlurbLandis Wade, host of the super popular Charlotte Readers Podcast (named Charlotte’s Best Podcast of 2019 by Queen City Nerve) and kidlit author of The Christmas Redemption: A Courtroom Adventure, also spent a fair share of his life as a lawyer. So I knew his opinion would be discerning when he agreed to sample an ARC of my upcoming release PLEASE RETURN TO: TOBY SOLANO.

It was an honor to receive Landis Wade’s kind words after her reading of PLEASE RETURN TO: TOBY SOLANO (Book 2 in the ‘Please Return To’ series for middle grade readers). You can order a copy online from your local independent bookstore or at any of the usual outlets such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

In the meantime, you should do yourself a favor and tune in to the Charlotte Readers Podcast where, as Landis will tell you, authors give voice to their written words. Landis Wade’s literary insight and quick wit will have you captivated from the opening jingle and the star-studded cast of literary guests provide in-depth, fascinating windows into their work in every episode. Listen once and you’ll be hooked.

**If you’re interested in purchasing a signed copy of PLEASE RETURN TO: TOBY SOLANO, you can order here through SUNRISE BOOKS. Be sure to include the words ‘SIGNED COPY’ in the “notes” section of your order in addition to any specific inscription directions you may have.**

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