Author Frank Morelli Featured in Albright Reporter Magazine

87946070_805047163305018_3188737742372601856_nOne can easily spend up to four years, and maybe more, deciding on the place they want to call “home” for the first four years of life after high school. I remember my experience like it was yesterday. All the long car rides with my parents. The days I missed school and attended actual college classes. The butterflies swarming around in my stomach each time I passed the mailbox on our front porch. It was somewhat excruciating, but I eventually found the place that felt comfortable. That felt like a scene I could wake up to every day for over 1,300 straight days.


That place was Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. And I loved my experience there. In many ways, it shaped the course of my life going forward.

But when I signed my name on the dotted line over twenty long years ago, the last thing I ever thought was that I’d be featured in the campus magazine for the years I’ve spent being an author. It’s a total rush, and I’m thankful to the folks at Albright College who noticed my work, invited home to speak to the student body, and have now put my name and my work in print.

My favorite part of the whole thing is that I get the chance to share pages in this feature article with one of my classmates from way back when…yep, she also became an author of young adult literature. Go figure. And, hey, you might have heard of her. Adrienne Kisner, author of the widely acclaimed Dear Rachel Maddow, The Confusion of Laurel of Laurel Graham, and the forthcoming Six Angry Girls…which looks to be utterly amazeballs, btw (due out on August 18). Honestly, seeing us both named in the same article for writing literature after spending those four years as babies on the Albright campus may well be my favorite thing that has happened since I started writing books.

TobySolanoFrontCoverSo, hey….do yourself a favor. Check out my latest novel, Please Return To: Toby Solano, as well as Adrienne’s incredible body of work when you get a chance. You might even be able to weave together a few connections from along 13th Street that we never realized we’d bled into our stories.

Click Here to read the full article in The Albright Reporter.


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