Look inside for…a COVER REVEAL!

The second book in my middle grade series, PLEASE RETURN TO: TOBY SOLANO, hits shelves on March 27. In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek at the front at back covers!

Here’s a quick summary:

Toby Solano hates his new town, he hates how much he misses his dad and, most of all, he hates Mr. Finkelstein. But when he finds his teacher’s missing journal under the tires of a moving truck, the drama of the famed Mapleton Wrestling Federation opens wide for him. Armed with a journal’s-worth of wrestling lore, will Toby be able to help the Mort-tician regain his title and bring his family back together again? Or will he fall back on his bullying ways and get shipped right out of Mapleton Middle School?


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