The Albright College Experience

87946070_805047163305018_3188737742372601856_nI have to send a huge thank you out to one of the greatest English professors on the face of the planet, Dr. Alberto Cacicedo of Albright College in Reading, PA. Not only did he inspire me to dedicate my life to literature and to become an educator, but he also assembled a panel for an Albright Experience Event that included me. Yes, me.

Before last week, it had been almost twenty years since my last visit to the Albright campus. Having the opportunity to walk the grounds and take in the views from atop Mt. Penn reminded how much I love the area and how much I grew as a person while attending Albright College.

88079999_805047283305006_1343839977804398592_nI also want to thank the legends, Drs. Mary Jane & Richard Androne, who provided a trust so the Albright community can host this lecture series every year. One thing I can tell you, the campus has changed quite a bit over the years but the student body is still cranking it to eleven. Our panel discussion focused on pursuits within the publishing industry, and the conversation was deep and far-ranging. It was great to come home!

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