Author R.J. Fox Reviews Please Return To: Norbert M. Finkelstein

36389995._SY475_R.J. Fox is a multi-talented author, filmmaker, educator, and all-around great guy. He’s the mind behind the soon-to-be film (based on his book) Love & Vodka, as well as the critically-acclaimed Awaiting Identification, and my personal favorite (because it totally suits the perpetual middle schooler in me) the rip-roaring Tales from the Dork Side, which is a tongue-in-cheek journey through Mr. Fox’s most difficult years, where he was the target of bullies and a champion of the little guy.

On Goodreads, Tales from the Dork Side is teased with these prescient lines of prose:

“Growing up is never easy. Growing up with bullies is even harder.  And when you’re a skinny kid with no social skills, no athletic ability, and a speech impediment? You might as well be covered in bully bait.”

This book is hilarious, touching, and a straight-up must read that hasn’t garnered near the amount of attention it deserves. Pick up a copy as soon as you can.

Of course, being the generous soul he is, R.J. agreed to review an advanced copy of PLEASE RETURN TO: NORBERT M. FINKELSTEIN and here is what he had to say:

“No matter how long it’s been since you were in middle school, Morelli picks you up in a time machine and takes you back there. And once you arrive, it will be impossible not to recognize yourself and countless others to some degree or another. Funny, heartwarming, and real. Your kids are going to love it!”

–R.J. Fox, author of Tales from the Dork Side

I hope you’ll have a chance to add Please Return To: Norbert M. Finkelstein to your Goodreads pile.

If you’re a book blogger interested in providing an honest review, it’s not too late to request an ARC from Net Galley. Happy reading!

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