Various Artists Podcast – Authors Frank Morelli and Wayne Barton

downloadWayne Barton is a Manchester United devotee who just so happens to be the official chronicler of the team and the brains behind the recently released documentary Too Good To Go Down, which is drawing rave reviews across the UK. He also happens to be a fellow author under the Fish Out of Water Books umbrella.

I had an opportunity to be one of the first people to read drafts of Wayne’s latest release, Peach, and my first thought was that it was destined to become one of the next, great rock and roll novels. It’s brilliant. But don’t take it from me. Have a listen to Episode 2 of Wayne’s own Various Artists Podcast in which he and I discuss our novels and some of the finer points of the writing life.

EPISODE 2 – VARIOUS ARTIST’S PODCAST – Authors Wayne Barton & Frank Morelli

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