No Sad Songs & National Caregivers Month

It was a weekend filled with events dedicated to spreading the word about youth caregivers and their importance in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

45189629_498090364000701_1924535546386841600_nIn observance of National Caregivers Month, I took to the road and visited Main Street Books in Davidson with the wonderful folks from It was a wonderful evening discussing the silent epidemic with authors Ann Campanella, MaryAnn Drummond, and a lively group of current caregivers and others who have been unfortunately touched by the disease. I honestly feel blessed to have learned of this amazing group of authors dedicated to raising awareness and offering logical solutions for Alzheimer’s caregivers. If you’re currently dealing with the disease in some way, I highly recommend visiting the AlzAuthors site for helpful information and vetted lists of books that may help you on your journey. Remember, you are not alone!

45294726_498728290603575_4956770328375197696_nAfter a wonderful night at Main Street Books, I took No Sad Songs closer to home and spoke in front of the Friends of the High Point Library in High Point, NC. It was another wonderful group of empathetic readers who asked all the right questions and left with a broader understanding of the caregiving shortage we may find ourselves battling in coming years. It was an honor to have a chance to share my experiences and my novel, No Sad Songs, with such knowledgable and welcoming audiences.

45281054_498728283936909_4800342031702425600_nIf you’re currently dealing with the struggles of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, please reach out. That may not necessarily mean physically calling on someone for help. It could be as easy as picking up a copy of No Sad Songs just so you can have that feeling of having someone else out there who’s lived your pain. Let’s keep fighting to #EndAlz!



2 thoughts on “No Sad Songs & National Caregivers Month

  1. This seems like a great book. I have a family member with Alzheimer’s and am trying to help in any ways I can. Care giving can sure take a toll. I have been reading Daniel Welch’s book Race for the Mind and it’s been incredibly helpful and opening my eyes to parts of the disease that isn’t just the patient. The drug companies and the medical side are all part of the game. It’s hard at times to see all the sides.

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    • Thanks, Ruby! I hope you’ll have a chance to read No Sad Songs. If you’re looking for more resources for caregivers, check out the bookstore page at It’s a group of almost 200 authors who all write on various aspects of Alzheimer’s and dementia…everything from picture books for children to YA fiction to memoirs to self help and medical style books. Wishing you the very best on your caregiving journey. ❤️


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