No Sad Songs Finds Shelf Space at Barnes and Noble!!

44235418_489754398167631_5503491438630928384_nThis past Sunday I happened to stroll into one of the Barnes & Nobles in my area in search of a new read. I’m kind of addicted to reading young adult literature, hence the whole writing for young adults thing I have going for me, so I found myself standing in the YA section thumbing through the glorious hardcover new releases. Then my eyes panned down to another shelf…and I saw it. My novel. NO SAD SONGS. Sitting right there on the shelf above an entire collection of Walter Dean Myers books. It was face out. Featured on the shelf. And my heart dropped to the floor and then immediately rose back up into my throat. It was a dream come true. The culmination of many years of hard work and waiting and faith in myself. It was the end of a loop that began in high school as I roamed the rows of books at B&N as a bookseller, with my stupid green name tag hanging down off of my neck and a dream in my brain that one day I’d too have a novel sitting on the shelves next to all of my literary heroes. Well, it has finally happened and it feels even better than I thought it would have all those years ago.

If you’re just getting into this writing thing and finding it hard to break through. If it feels like you’ll never get an editor or agent or journal to read a single word of your work. If you sometimes feel like you want to give up and just get a stupid job in a cubicle and wait for your 401(k) reports to land in your mailbox each month so you can measure your worth. Do not lose hope. Do not stop writing. It will happen for you if you just keep your butt in the chair and your pencil scraping across the page. I promise.

5 thoughts on “No Sad Songs Finds Shelf Space at Barnes and Noble!!

      • Thanks Frank. That’s my plan. I have my idea and started writing my book. I’m in the early stages though. Question for you… many words is your book? I still plan on reading your book soon but I just haven’t had much time for books in awhile. It’s a busy time. I will read it someday. Anyway, for a book, what kind of word count are we looking at? Thanks! Reid

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        • Hey Reid, congrats on starting your new book! That’s big! Word counts vary by genre. If you’re writing a full length novel for adults, you’ll want to shoot for between 80-100k words. YA literature comes in between 60-80k words and middle grades between 40-60k. No Sad Songs is right at 80k just so you have an idea. Good luck, man!

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        • I’ve been looking over your book. Great job Frank! So you’re at about 80k words and it’s about 200 pages. Were you in control of the font and formatting decisions? Or was the publisher in charge of all that? How about the cover design? How do you like “Fish Out of Water Books”? Thanks! Reid


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