Reading/Signing @ South Main Book Co.

Tomorrow night (10/5) is the 5th Annual Busker’s Bash in downtown Salisbury, NC. It’s a great night where local businesses open their doors, offer discounts and giveaways, and welcome people from all over the state into town for the free live music that will take over the downtown area for one fall evening.

I’ll be joining the festivities at South Main Book Company, where I’ll join a star-studded cast of local authors in a book signing and reading. I plan to read some new selections from No Sad Songs tomorrow night, along with a piece or two that are loosely-related to my debut novel but based more on my real experiences watching a loved one fade into the depths of Alzheimer’s.

I hope you’ll be able to come out, enjoy some live music and the nice fall weather, and poke your head in the door at South Main Books to say ‘hello’. Festivities begin at 5pm!

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