Author of See You in the Cosmos, Jack Cheng, praises No Sad Songs

More Advance Praise for No Sad Songs…

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If you haven’t discovered the genius that is Jack Cheng, author of the middle grades smash-hit See You in the Cosmos (Dial),


then it might be time to step outside and let the light hit your skin. You need to spend a few hours completely locked in to the moving journey of a space-inspired boy and his undying search for love, hope, and his dog, Carl Sagan. You need to read words that touch your ears like spoken word and have dreams that take off like rocket ships. You need to read Jack’s book. Trust me. There’s a reason why it won a Golden Kite Award from SCBWI.

I am thankful Jack Cheng recently had the chance to read my book, NO SAD SONGS, which is due out next week (available for pre-order) from Fish Out of Water Books. Here’s what he had to say:

NO-SAD-SONGS-FRONT-COVER“In No Sad Songs, Frank Morelli has written a beautiful, poignant book about the near-impossible burdens that can be foisted upon us by our unpredictable lives. Gabe LoScuda trudges through the mud in the front lines of his own personal war, and he does it with so much heart you can’t help but root for him. Reading Gabe’s story, we learn to appreciate, as he does, the people in our lives who can be patient with us as we struggle toward our own awakening—the friends and family who can tell us we’re being idiots while still continuing to love us, every muddy step of the way.”

–Jack Cheng, author of See You in the Cosmos, a Golden Kite Award winner

More Advance Praise for No Sad Songs…

Add NO SAD SONGS on Goodreads  No Sad Songs

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