Featured Review of NO SAD SONGS in BOOKLIST


No Sad Songs.
Morelli, Frank (Author)
Feb 2018. 228 p. Fish Out of Water, paperback, $12.99. (9780989908740).

“Before the car accident that took away his parents, Gabe was an average kid with a penchant for baseball and a cringe-worthy awkwardness around girls. Now Gabe finds himself the sole guardian of his grandfather, who suffers from a form of Alzheimer’s. Gabe’s life descends into chaos, exacerbated by the sudden appearance of his father’s prodigal brother, Nick. Only his best friend John Chen and a punky hospital urchin named Sofia keep Gabe going, even when his love for his grandfather threatens his own future. Morelli imbues Gabe with a strong narrative voice that shows his strength and his stubbornness. Suddenly thrust into a parenting role, Gabe ardently resists advice to commit his grandfather to a care facility, despite Gabe’s inability to properly care for him. Especially poignant is Gabe’s evolving relationship with his uncle Nick, a deadbeat whose checkered past only adds to Gabe’s hardships. Full of heart and humor, this will make young readers take stock of their own parents’ responsibilities, and what it means to make sacrifices for the ones you love.”  – BOOKLIST (Feb. 1 Issue)

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