Jennifer Walkup, author of This Ordinary Life, praises No Sad Songs

25246253.jpgJennifer Walkup hits the YA sweet spot with her second book, This Ordinary Life. The story follows high school radio host, Jasmine Torres, as she tries to keep the puzzle pieces of her family together before it explodes into complete and utter dysfunction. Walkup’s writing is clever, humorous, heart-wrenching, and it deftly maneuvers through some weighty subject matter, such as epilepsy and substance abuse, with grace, humility, and tact. This Ordinary Life is a must-add to your YA TBR.

I was ecstatic when I learned Jennifer Walkup would be reading my debut, No Sad Songs (which drops on February 20), and offering her feedback. Here’s what she had to say:

NO-SAD-SONGS-FRONT-COVER“No Sad Songs is truly a work of heart! This emotional journey of tough choices is wrapped in the messy but beautiful truth of family obligation and honor. Readers will be rooting for Gabe all the way through.”

-Jennifer Walkup, author of This Ordinary Life and Second Verse

NO SAD SONGS is available of pre-order and for addition to your Goodreads TBR.


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