No Sad Songs is on Goodreads

Just putting this out there again since November is National Caregiver’s Month and my book is a fictional tribute to my father’s experience caring for my grandfather before he succumbed to Alzheimer’s. #EndALZ

Frank Morelli

NO-SAD-SONGS-FRONT-COVERIf you’re like me and you spend the vast majority of your life reading and writing, then you probably have a ‘To Be Read’ pile attached to your Goodreads account that may rival the peaks of Mt. McKinley.

Why not add just one more title? My debut novel, No Sad Songs, is finally listed on Goodreads and ready to make an entrance into the world in February 2018. I’d be eternally grateful to see my cover image gracing many of your TBR shelves. Thanks in advance!

NO SAD SONGS on Goodreads

No Sad Songs

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