2 thoughts on “Summer School

  1. Good stuff Frank! I love(d) Harry Kalas too. I was a huge Phillies fan in the early 90s when Philadelphia acquired Lenny Dykstra from the Mets. “Nails” was my favorite player growing up and I just loved your Phillies teams from that era. Kruk, Hollins, Daulton, Schilling, etc.! Thanks for bringing back some of the memories.

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    • Harry the K was the best in the business! I also loved that 93 Phillies team. Went to Game 1 of the NLCS and the World Series that year. Curt Schilling, whom I personally detest for reasons I found out about while working for the Phils in college, struck out the first five Braves batters in the NLCS that year. The Vet was rocking on every pitch. Good times…until Joe Carter a few weeks later.

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